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As his illness worsens, a gentleman must move to his daughter's house, where his grandson reinterprets old photographs into designs, helping her recover lost memories.

With the aggravation of his disease, an old man moves to his daughter's house, where his grandson reinterprets old photographs into drawings, helping him to regain lost memories.

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When getting an abortion has once again become a criminal offense, Kara is confronted by a grim and brutal reality. Even though obvious dangers are at play, she seeks out the services of an illegal mobile abortion clinic. Once inside the meanders of this morbid clinic, she is faced with devastating repercussions.

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Have you ever been in one-sided love? ~Based on True One Side Love Story we are presenting you the all-new romantic song " Kaise Kahoon " by Dinesh Rawat. <br />Love is nothing less than a blessing in your life. Listen to this beautiful romantic song and revisit the moments spent with your loved ones.<br /><br />Credits: <br />Singer/Composer/Lyricist: Dinesh Rawat<br />Additional Vocals: Anushka Kohli<br />Guitars: Dennis <br />Additional Production: Joshua Moses <br />Mixed & Mastered: Joshua Moses<br /><br />Starring: Dinesh Rawat, Anushka Kohli, Hemant Dhawan<br /><br />A film by MMD cinematics<br />Director/DOP/Editor: Mohit James<br />Assistant: Dharam<br /><br />Promotions: Sunny Navani<br /><br />Special Thanks: Sunny Navani, Ilisheeba, Isheeta, Avisha, Meetali, Shaurya, Ashish, Amrit, Neeta, Manan & cheeku (Gaurav Mavi).<br />

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Arysan Music presents A Naresh - Anand Song "Aise Hi Keh Diya"<br /><br />#aisehikehdiya #nareshanand #arysan<br /><br />Director & Editor: Badal Ramakrishna<br />Music: Naresh - Anand<br />Singer: Farad Bhiwandiwala<br />Featuring: Jainam Bilakhia<br />Lyrics: Anand B Seshadri<br />Rap Lyrics: Farad Bhiwandiwala<br />Additional Drums: Bobby Mascarenhas<br />Mixing & Mastering: Blaine Misner<br />DOP: DivyaPrakash Mishra <br />Choreographer: Angad Gill<br />Dancers: Suraj Siddique, Aditya Anant Raut (fatboipopper), Akash Gaikwad (RED AKAI), Mohin Khan, Rahul Singh (Maggie), Dhruv Dubey<br />Location Courtesy: Vice-Global Tapas Bar<br />Record Label: Virtual Planet Music<br /><br />Subscribe for More Videos<br />Subscribe:<br />Website:<br />Facebook:<br />Instagram:<br /><br />Website<br />

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The Official Trailer of Gajendra Verma's - SUMMARY<br /><br />"Summary - A Musical Series" is a romantic tale. The story starts with the first song and ends with the fifth song. A musical series on the summary of love taking romance to a whole new level along with the most beloved pair essayed by singer Gajendra Verma and beautiful Mansi Moghe. <br /><br />Connect with Gajendra Verma:<br />Facebook:<br />Instagram:<br />Twitter:<br /><br />VIDEO CREDITS<br /><br />Director : Vikram Singh<br />Starring: Gajendra Verma, Manasi Moghe, Ömür Orçun Alioğlu, Komeil Vaez<br />Cinematographer: Suman Dutta <br />Asst. Dir: Devender Dah <br />Editor: Gagan Sharma <br />D.I Colourist: Nirmal Sharma/Future Works <br />Pubilicity Design: Kanak Gaikwad <br />VFX Studio: LetsVFX <br />Costume Stylist: Ankita Patel <br />Line Production: Line Production Turkey <br />Line Producer: Uluc Yemen Aslan <br />Line Producer India: Bijal Sunil Majithiya <br />Production Manager: Hazal Caglayan <br />Drone Pilot : Oğuz Albayrak <br />Drone Camera: Sinan kılıç<br />Production Team: Erhan Caylak & Gizem Demir <br />Production Asst: Riad Afandiyev <br />Makeup: Tamay Esintimur <br />Makeup Asst: Selin Arier <br />PR Team: Shruti Dahibavkar & Harish Pednekar<br />Social Media: Jasmeet Kaur, Bhisham Soni<br />Agency: Qyuki Digital Media<br />Record Label: Virtual Planet Music<br />Virtual Planet Team: Akshay Jain, Krishna Kishore, Preet Bhullar, Mohit Rajyaguru, Sourabh Swami & Amit Kumar<br /><br />For Live Shows Bookings & Business Enquiries: <br />Prashant Chaudhary +919988989833<br /><br />© 2021, Virtual Planet Production Pvt. Ltd.<br />#summary #gajendraverma #manasimoghe

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Trouper Records and Virtual Planet Music presents Makar Sankranti Special Song HARIYO PATANG Akhiyan Nu Cha a Perfect blend of Rajasthani & Punjabi to energise your kite flying experience. Wish you a very Happy Makar Sankranti 2023 in advance

--- Audio | video credits ---
Producer - Honey Trouper
A film by - Ram Kumawat
Singer - Arham & Ammy Rajwada
Composition - Arham & Ammy Rajwada
Music, Mix & Master - Siddhant
Starring- Rishabh Mudgal & Kiran Godara
Recording and Background Score - Nkk N (Aviral Studio)
Punjabi Lyrics - Guri Gholia
Rajasthani Lyrics - Traditional Folk
DI - Rakesh
Project Manager - Sonal Gaur / Aditya Rasoliya
LP & PR - Sunil Saini
Social Media - jasmeet Khalsa & Bhisham Soni

Cast & Crew -
Sunil Saini, Aditya Rasoliya, Yashika Kanwar, Somya Gupta

Poster Design - Icon Digital Art
Publicity Design - Sourabh Swami
Label - Trouper Records

Digital Powered By - Virtual planet

Special thanks -
Vikram Singh ji
Nikk N ( Aviral Studio )
Rini Chandra
Aalok Sharma
Kartik sharma
Akram Ali
Babita Sharma
Rahul Kumar Sharma CZ
Ashish Garg
Walkers Stop Cafe House

The Folk Route
Booking Enquiries - 7221909090 | 7220909090

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A short moody edit, captured in March 2020. Enjoy! :)

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One of my first ever projects shot quite a while ago. I never uploaded it because it never really matched the quality that I wanted to produce. Since I am going to upload my first actual short movie soon I decided that now it is the only time to publish this old project. And hey, its about the process! :)

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In July 2020 Leo and I had just finished our first short movie (Bus Stop) and went back to studying for the second round of our finals. You might have already guessed it right: we did everything but studying and decided to go on a spontaneous adventure. Within 24 hours we charged our cameras and packed our bags to go on an wonderful trip in Austria. A tent and the bare minimum of clothes and food, to be able to stuff our backpacks with camera equipment.
The project file with all the footage got lost and forgotten, somewhere deep down on my harddrive, in the dusty graveyards of never finished projects but I revived it for Halloween. Please enjoy the probably rainiest weekend of 2020 and one of our best experiences this year. (By the way we still passed our finals).

Speech by Alan Watts ("Who Do You Think You Are?")


Shot on Sony A7iii & DJI Mavic 2
Video by:
Moritz Högemann
Leo Rüland


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An artistic collage of some scenes filmed after a storm. ENJOY!
My first video on YouTube. More coming in the near future!

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This incredible song inspired us to write a short story about a failed relationship, based on personal experience.
This is our first piece of work together with Maren Wittig (FnkyMae), that we created during the Covid Pandemic, filmed in an old brewery.

Special Thanks to Ruppaner Brauerei Konstanz for the incredible Location and a Special Thank you to Dance4You Studio Konstanz for sponsoring the Light Equipment.


Song: Some Minds by Flume

Performer & Choreographer: Maren Wittig (FnkyMae)
by Leo Rüland and Moritz Högemann
Story, Film, Setdesign & Edit: Moritz Högemann & Leo Rüland
Credit Animation: Leo Rüland
Sound Design: Moritz Högemann


Maren Wittig:

Leo Rüland:

Moritz Högemann (Momaln):



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A short video with clips from my day. I decided to take my camera with me wherever I go to practice my filming and video editing. I will try to make a few of these once in a while until school starts again.

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A little video I filmed during a tennis shooting with Annika for my Red and White series. :)

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After all the waiting we have finally managed to finish our first ever short movie! A result of a collaboration between two photographers that have never done film, a wannabe actor who has never stood in front of a camera, and a random idea that two best friends had during the Corona lockdown.

Everyone knows what it is like to have a bad day. We all catch ourselves way too often thinking "Today sucks" or "Why me". And we all probably know that most of the time the only thing we need to do to feel better is to take a few deep breaths to reset our mind and to calm down. Way too often we get tangled inside our own thoughts and emotions instead of taking a step back to think. But what if you had a really bad day? Have you ever managed to miss four busses in a row? This is the story of Mr. Kurz, our main character. A stressed businessman on the way to work who goes through hell in any way you can imagine. A choleric workaholic with a guidebook for mindfulness, trying to stay calm on probably his worst day ever.

In April 2020 I was living at Leo's house to "study" for our high school finals. This time instead ended up being one of the most creative and uniting time for us as a team. We were going for a run when we passed by this bus stop, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Extremely inspired we started talking about a possible story and soon realized that this was an idea for a movie we really wanted to see. We wrote down the story and started drawing a storyboard. Maximilian Vogel, a friend, and professional storyboard artist, who has already worked for Netflix and others, always helped us to deconstruct our story and pushed us to think further. We teamed up with my friend and photographer Quentin Pehlke who soon brought Robin Buckenberger into our team. We started a collaboration with Lichtblick Konstanz, who supported us with a lot of equipment that we did not own.
We went through a lot of ups and downs throughout the process but it was one of the most fun projects ever. A lot of exhaustion and frustration and a lot of learning. The final result is different than expected but we are more than happy about this experience.

Produced and edited by me (Moritz Högemann / momaln)


Leo Rüland (Main Character)
Arthur Blank (Jogger)
Anne Reinicke (Young Mother)
Roman Schenk (Young Boy)
Lennard Schenk (Drunk Shooter)
Robin Buckenberger (Teenager with Hookah)
Luana Liebetrau (Unlucky Lady)
Lora Angelova (Teens in Car)
Paula Chico (Teens in Car)
Quentin Pehlke (Teens in Car)
Moritz Högemann (Teens in Car)


Big Thanks to all of our families and friends for the support!!

A lot more stuff is coming soon on this channel! I have been inactive for far too long but I am more than ready to get started and cool videos are coming soon! (You can probably guess the kind of content from my new channel banner?) :D

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A bedroom production written with Nomi


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Hey, this is our first cover song on YouTube.

hope you enjoy(:

We are going to post a more covers and originals soon soooo:


Cover by:

Music & Video produced by: Momaln

Special thank you to Belens dad for doing some additional mixing
“Bloom” originally by The Paper Kites
Written by: Samuel Alexander Bentley & Christina Lacy

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This short film is about a young man who suffers from an incurable,
neurological disease called “Narcolepsy”. The film illustrates the daily struggles and inner conflicts that take place in people with narcolepsy. It is a coming of age story and shows how he comes to terms with his disorder. Noah goes through the ups and downs of being a teenager, having a social life, a love life and an academic career whilst battling his constant state of exhaustion. When everything goes south he decides to take his bike and go on a trip which turns into an adventurous life lesson.

What is Narcolepsy?
Narcolepsy is a lifelong neurological disorder that usually develops between the ages of 10 and 20. It affects around one in two thousand people. It results in episode of excessive sleepiness, which for a someone without the disorder can be compared to not sleeping for 48-72 hours, causing sleep paralysis and hallucinations. Our goal with this project is to raise awareness for the highly misconstrued disorder that is hardly shown in media.

Resources for Narcolepsy:

Resourcen auf Deutsch:

What are the donations for?
Your donations will pay for travel costs, location fees, accommodation, feeding the cast and more. More info on the link below.

Check out our Crowdfunding Page for Infos on perks, donations, etc!


Musicians mentioned on this Video:



Music: Flower - Johnny Stimson, Imma do Me- Julie Roberts

Some Graphics:






Photography Page:
Video produced by: Moritz Hoegemann, Leo Rueland
Post Production: Niklas Spiegler, Leo Rueland, Moritz Hoegemann

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